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Maths and Science Exam Prepration Classes

This summer give your child a platform which not only makes his/her vacation a FUN but also gain Knowledge. We offer a themed day camps with a mix of concept discussion, hands on activity and theme based art and craft. Here is an opportunity for kids to get involved in one of the best creative learning experiences.

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Abacus is a method of mental calculation. Performed on a virtual image of the abacus formed in the mind, it is based on the principles of abacus calculation.
In this case, the abacus is merely a tool, through regular practice of which children are able to visualize and internalize the image of the abacus in their mind.

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Science Club

Live practical hands on experiences

Innovative Minds have teachers who have embraced and believe in the concept of providing the students the best hands-on learning experience when it comes to the subject science. It has already recognized that certain desirable outcomes are possible with our endorsement of student-centered instructional approaches.

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