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Innovative Minds JLT is a UAE registered Company into Education Sector. Owners and Management are well educated professionals and carry knowledge in this sector. Various studies from time to time have pointed towards gap between demand and supply in the Education Sector in the Region. We at Innovative Minds come with a vision to provide quality Education in UAE and wider region within Middle East to instil natural curiosity in the minds of Children so that they can become lifelong learner.

In our efforts to fill the gap in the education sector, we have partnered with Maxmind in India and become Master Franchisee for UAE and various other Middle East Countries. Maxmind is a renowned brand in Mind Development Programs for children for almost a decade in India and have extensive presence internationally. Maxmind has its own in house R & D Department which prepares relevant curricula and material as also Maxmind is associated with World Abacus Research Foundation and other organizations to keep itself abreast with all latest developments in relevant areas.

Current offering of programs include Abacus and Science Lab. The underlying strength of these programs is to stimulate creative thinking, developing problem solving skills and life skills by laying emphasis on application of knowledge.

Abacus is well known for its strength in developing children Mathematical proficiency as also developing both Left and Right Brain simultaneously. Children undergoing this training program has consistently shown results with better concentration, enhanced memory, induced reasoning and analyzing Power.

Generally Children run away from Science because of the complex nature the Books are designed, we in the Science Lab program make it interesting by hands on projects, children do themselves with the help of coordinator in the club (We call it club as children learn through fun filled activities and open interaction.) Besides just doing projects the class consists of some other activities like brain gym etc. which will make it best suited for Summer Camps as well.

We are confident that the contents of course and interest which is created among children will always let them and their parents think that the rewards are much more than the money they are spending.

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