Educational Opportunities

At Innovative Minds, we possess the best methods for teaching children to develop a deep understanding and desire for knowledge by providing them with hands on experience. Students are guaranteed the best results with live experience in subject’s math and science. Using interesting and fun tools for learning- Abacus & live hands on experience in science labs, education for young people got a lot more fun. This approach by helps students in various way such as increased memory power, better learning abilities with deep understanding of the subject. The objective to help students focus on garnering abundant knowledge outside their normal text book quota with hands on practical experience. As a result students are better able to gain knowledge with deep understanding of the subject.


Abacus is a method of mental calculation. Performed on a virtual image of the abacus formed in the mind, it is based on the principles of abacus calculation.
In this case, the abacus is merely a tool, through regular practice of which children are able to visualize and internalize the image of the abacus in their mind.

Science Club

Innovative Minds have teachers who have embraced and believe in the concept of providing the students the best hands-on learning experience when it comes to the subject science. It has already recognized that certain desirable outcomes are possible with our endorsement of student-centered instructional approaches.

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